God's Masterpiece

Sometimes as we go through life, we may find it difficult to figure out where we are going and what it is that we should be doing. All we can see are the fragmented pieces of our lives. We look at them without any understanding that the pieces, once put together makes up this beautiful portrait that tells the story of who we really are. Right now, everything looks disjointed, but know that's just God sketching out your future. When he is done with the sketching, he will then begin to color it all in until a beautiful portrait emerges. We begin our walk with him as a blank canvass, but as we go through the process of refining, he will then begin to create a masterpiece, one that is not put on display for viewing only, but will be used to bring light and beauty to a dark and ugly world. Just know that you are a masterpiece in the making and that God has personally sketched you and he is bringing color and depth to your life so that when he presents you, the glory of his handiwork will shine forth for all the world to see.

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